Why an EMBA

It’s one of the more prestigious degrees around, but you have to admit that the MBA has become too pedestrian for its own good. Too many institutions offer this graduate program in business administration, so much so that an MBA graduate is now worth only a dime a dozen. So if you want to distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd, you must choose a program that is offered at an institute whose reputation precedes itself, or you could go in for an EMBA.

An Executive Master of Business Administration degree is specially designed for the working executive, someone with enough experience under their belt in the business world. An EMBA degree is often offered part time so that busy professionals are able to find time to balance both work and education, and schedules vary from university to university.

The one drawback of the EMBA is that the fees are usually on the high side, but then, for working professionals who seek higher education options in the hope that it will help them climb further up the career ladder, money is often no objective. Also, when the cost is high, the clientele is exclusive. So only the best students who can really afford this degree get in, and this helps EMBA retain an edge over the more common MBA.

If you are hoping to gain admission to this course, you need to have enough experience and financial wherewithal to be accepted at a school that offers one. You have to also take the GMAT, be proficient in certain extra-curricular activities and have the right references. Some schools also accord importance to community service. It’s wise to get your employer to sponsor your education, but if you’re looking for a new job and hoping to use the EMBA to secure one, it’s better to do it on your own steam.

The duration of the degree varies from school to school – there are one, two and three year programs available. While most colleges require you to have at least 5 years of experience for their one and two year EMBA degrees, you must be a top level executive to qualify for the three year program which is very exclusive and reserved for the highest tier of working professionals in the business world.

Before beginning an EMBA program, you should know that the schedules are demanding and the coursework grueling. So enroll yourself only if you are serious about finishing the course and are willing to make a few sacrifices to give it your best shot. If not, the pursuit of a little knowledge could leave your wallet a whole lot lighter with nothing to show in return.


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