What is the best graduate degree for you?

Traditionally there are two main categories of graduate degrees – masters and doctoral. While there are several hybrid degree and certification programs, these are the main two programs.

Master program is considered highly valuable by most employers and it automatically adds value to a candidate’s resume. If the Master’s program is from a good university abroad, then chances of employment increase even further. Moreover, most Master’s programs abroad are created around real life situations and practical professional environment which means that a candidate who has done his Master’s can be confident of walking into a job and performing well. The ramp up time is reduced considerably. While a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is designed for career advancement and employment a Masters in Social Science is geared for students who want to focus on a career in social work and similarly a Master’s in Science can be taken up purely for academic growth and satisfaction. The duration of a Master’s degree is anywhere between one and three years.

Doctoral degrees are the highest possible academic qualification and this can be both academic and professional. Doctor of Medicine (MD) is a professional qualification which can bring about high acclaim for the possessor while a Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D) can bring high scientific acclaim.

Other than the above two there are innumerable graduation, post graduation, diploma and certificate programs available which can help students to focus on their area of expertise.


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