Safety in the United States

Unlike what most people believe, US is not a dangerous country. Most institutions have safety norms in place and campus orientation programs outline all the important factors which students need to keep in mind while studying in US.

Being Alert
This is extremely important and one should not take anyone or anything for granted. Most crimes happen because people are either ignorant or they do not pay enough attention.

Night Times
It is better to avoid being alone out in the night in areas which are know be to troublesome. If there is a requirement to walk in the nights, then it is better to go with a companion and not alone. Even within a campus if you are walking to your room, then preferably you should do it while it is still early evening or walk with a companion.

Theft in campuses is quite common and losing valuables can be avoided with a little care. Never leave belongings unattended and one should not leave valuables, wallets lying around as there is a chance that it will get lost. Taking care of one’s belongings can avoid unnecessary problems.

Whatever type of house you stay in, i.e. campus dormitory, off campus, it is always better to lock the doors and windows at night time. Never open the door to strangers in daytime or night time. If someone says that they are a law official, ask them to show the badge which you can see through the key hole or `peep’ hole before you open the door.

Personal information and Identity are commonly stolen and therefore it is in your interest to safeguard this information.

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