Should Bachelors Degree Be Done From Abroad?

There was a trend some years ago when Indian students chose to go abroad for higher education but now the trend is shifting with students going abroad to not only pursue higher education but even to complete their basic graduation. Statistics reveal that the number of Indian students opting for Bachelors or under graduation programs abroad is showing a significant 13 percent year-on-year growth.

One of the main deterrents for obtaining a bachelors degree abroad is that in most countries bachelors programs are of four years duration while in India it is only three years. The second factor is cost and a bachelors program abroad could be quite expensive compared to a similar program in India. When it comes to MBA, the decision becomes easy as brand value enhances job potential and students are willing to travel and spend more to obtain MBA's from recognized universities abroad. However, as far as bachelors programs are concerned there is no real data to indicate that an international bachelors degree can attract better jobs in India versus the same degree being obtained from a college in India.

However, for students who wish to continue to study abroad, starting at graduation level makes sense as it attunes them to a foreign environment earlier and makes for better adaptability. If, for example, a student wishes to procure an MBA degree, completing one’s graduation in an average Indian college may make it difficult to obtain an MBA seat in terms of competitiveness. However, studying abroad helps the student by providing him or her the advantage of a recognized bachelors degree making the whole admission process for an MBA program easier.
Looking at it objectively, the following are the points you need to consider:

Choice and Flexibility

International universities to remain on par with the best ensure that their campuses, faculty and education level math the best. They provide for an international learning experience which cannot be obtained at home and this makes a big difference in terms of learning experience.

Career Advantages

Studying and living in another country gives first-hand international experience which sets one apart from other job candidates. Companies look for global-ready graduates who have the skills to adapt to a global work culture.


With the ability of shorter term programs, the cost of living being on par with the U.S., and a favorable exchange rate, studying abroad is surprisingly affordable. Cost is often on par or less than out-of-state tuition.

Unparalleled Student Experience

Students who graduate in America benefit from learning about the lifestyles and cultural differences and this makes it easier to live abroad if one’s job requires them to do so. They now have the advantage of being born Indian but becoming a global citizen.

Graduation from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom once again provides for standards of excellence in education systems which are crafted around independent learning, creativity and innovation – skills required for survival in the corporate world.

Culturally enriching a student learns and absorbs the culture of a country far different from his own, giving one’s mind the expanse to dream beyond confines. An open mind enables out-of-the-box thinking and helps the student to succeed in whatever field he or she chooses in life.

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