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International students require a visa to enter the USA and for students the
category is F1. These visas are regulated by USCIS, the United States
Citizenship and Immigration Service and the whole process is rather

Some of the general requirements to enter USA are:
Health –While no special inoculations are required, unless you recently
visited a country where there was an epidemic. HIV- positive people are not
allowed entry into USA.
Law is important and criminal behavior can result in immediate deportation.
Proof of finance is a must.

The three main student visa categories for USA are:

F1 Student Visa
The F1 Visa is the most popular/ common visa that is issued to incoming
students into the USA. Generally it is issued to students who are coming to the
USA to study on an academic program or to come to learn English as a Second

J1 Student Visa
The J1 Visa is issued to students who need to have practical training as part of
the academic program, however there is also a large program called the
"Work/ Travel Program" under the J1 Visa where students can come to the
USA for three to four months to gain employment and travel the USA.

M1 Student Visa
An M1 visa is issued to a student who is going to attend a non-academic or
vocational school.

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